Olijck dry-cured sausage

Our dry-cured sausages are made from sustainably kept pigs from De Heyde Hoeve. They are available in the following flavours:

Olijcke Silvio
Our wine based sausage is inspired by a flavourful Italian red wine from the Piemonte region in Italy. This sausage is simultaneously soft and spicy, with a hint of clove. You can recognise Olijcke Silvio by its red string.

Olijck Joop
As Olijck Joop is our pride and joy and produced with beer from famous local brewery De Jopenkerk in Haarlem. In this recipe we use Mooie Nel IPA; an extra heavy and extra-hopped craft beer. The bitter taste of Mooie Nel is beautifully balanced by the sweetness of cane sugar, which gives this sausage an exceptional taste. You can recognise Olijcke Joop by its yellow string.

Olijcke Marlies
Olijcke Marlies is produced with a locally produced, Dutch whiskey. This sausage has a soft structure and an intense flavour infused with hints of grass, nuts and burnt sugar. You can recognise Olijcke Marlies by its red and white string.

Olijcke Gerard
Olijcke Gerard is made with Grand Prestige; a mature craft beer from brewery Hertog Jan in Arcen. This beer is a favourite amongst beer enthusiasts and we can definitely tell why!

Olijcke Andreas
This Gin and Tonic sausage is truly one-of-a-kind. Made with locally produced V2C Gin, this flavoursome sausage combines the powerful taste of Gin with juniper, bay leaf, citrus and ginger. You can recognise Olijcke Andreas by its blue string.

The best place to keep our sausages is obviously your tummy. Otherwise, a cool, dry place (a cupboard for example) will also do. As they ripen, the sausages grow harder. The weight of the sausages is around 150 grams apiece, with a possible deviation of 10%. In our opinion, the sausage are at their tastiest after a minimum drying period of 5 weeks, but there is no accounting for taste. You can enjoy our sausages at any point in the day, at least that is what we do.