Team Olijck

REMKO HOLOlijcke salesman
Being an entrepreneur comes as a second nature to Remko. For years and years, Remko and his friends have been travelling far and wide to discover beautiful products. That these adventures would lead to something like Olijck, does not come as much of a surprise. Furthermore, it is the combination of good food and educating people about healthy eating through a small scale project that really makes Olijck very dear to Remko. Beautiful and honest products for a fair price; that’s what we are all about. Would you like to know more about us? remko@olijck.nl
NIELS ELSHOFOlijcke salesman
“A plane is really nothing more than a winged sausage”. This is the first thing Niels said, when he walked into Olijck. As you might have guessed, Niels used to work in aviation. Now he is finally pursuing his passion for good and honest food and sustainable production. After joining the team, he immediately started on the development of Olijcke Willem: a sausage made with apple cider, for his son Willem. Interested in Olijcke Willem or other delicious products? Get in touch! Niels@olijck.nl
MARLIES MELLEMAOlijcke legal advisor
During her time at university, Marlies always used to work in restaurants, bars and cafes. Delicious food, fine wines and a love for people are central to Marlies’ philosophy. After university, she would often say: “if I fail as a lawyer, I am going to start my own restaurant”. At Olijck she is able to combine her passion for food with her legal career.
ROBIN SHERIDANOlijcke accountant
Robin is the man responsible for the financial welfare of Olijck. After a long and bright career in international finance, he decided that it was about time to start gaining some entrepreneurial experience himself. And what better way than to combine sustainable entrepreneurship with good food? “I feel privileged that I am able to do this with a group of friends!”
THIJS HOOGVELDOlijcke organiser
Thijs just gets it: if food and drinks are vital, they better taste good. “Fascinated by Olijck’s message about the development of products that are good for man, animal and the environment, I decided to join the team”. Thijs has a background in horticulture and the food service industry and he is especially excited about Olijck’s future in exploring all that the sea has to offer. “Olijck is all about discovering healthy, tasty and surprising products: wonderful sausages and beautiful sea-veggie product”. If you like to share opinions or ideas, let Thijs know! Thijs@olijck.nl
CANDY KOKSales and marketing
Good food with good company. That is what Candy enjoys. Her slogan is therefore: “Food is my yoga”. During her study time, she had several part-time jobs in the catering industry. She enjoyed making customers happy with good food and of course the social contact. Now, with her hospitality experience and as a graduate trend researcher and a concept developer, she will support Olijck’s team in the field of sales and marketing.